Guy Slaton - 3rd place overall in Stillwater Arts Guild, Spring Show East Glacier 1 East Glacier 2
Firing of Jacobs Bronze Gun Heavy Pidgeon - Scotland Matterhorn - Mountain in Europe
Cliff Dwelling in Arizona Purple Aster Rainy Leaves
Roses in Switzerland Bridge in Ireland Relic in Scotland
Joyful Flowers My Heart Sings Meadow Flower
Kentucky Flower Lake
Arkansas Fall Backfire Fall Sumac
Florida Morning Surfer Flowers Going Into The Sun
Going Into The Sun 2 Lake Island In The Sun Ice
East Yellowstone Monet's Garden - Giverny France Monet's Garden - Giverny France
Mushroom in Ten Monet's Garden - Pink Dogwood Colorado Snow
Knot Tree in Arizona Valley Forge Butchart Gardens - Victoria BC
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